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Pricing Details

Our Country Frazier Fir Tree


Size                Price

9 Ft    $55.00

10 Ft  $65.00

11 Ft  $75.00

12 Ft  $80.00

13 Ft  $90.00

14 Ft   $100.00

15 Ft   $120.00

16 Ft   $130.00

17 Ft   $140.00

18 Ft   $150.00



Frazier.jpg (94331 bytes)

FrazierNeedle.jpg (459629 bytes)

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Country Frazier Fir

This is our most popular Christmas Tree!  Our Country Frazier Fir Trees are beautifully shaped &  hold lights and ornaments well. Country Frazier Firs feature short, soft,  hunter green needles that are decorator friendly.  They hold  their needles well throughout the season & provide a Fresh Citrus - Pine fragrance throughout your home!   Once you have had a Country Frazier Fir, No other Tree will do for Your Yuletime Season!

From John & Ann Rawdon


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